Free Gloves! And October Update
October 31, 2016

Hi fellow hunters, I hope you’re all having an exciting October! First of all, due to the website being reconstructed (, and then summer break, it’s been forever since I posted. I do appreciate your patience. Many of you have been asking if we’re giving away free gloves this season. The answer is “YES!” We’ve […]

We’re Giving Away Deerskin Gloves!
October 23, 2015

Let’s be honest. If you’re a deer hunter who skins your own deer, you’ve probably thrown away the hide. I’ve done it for years. I thought I had two options. Try to hunt down someone who might pay me a couple bucks for the hide, or throw it away. Disposing of it just seemed easier. […]

Grilled Jalapeno Trout
September 24, 2015

I’ve always loved spicy foods.  Combine spicy with fresh trout, and it’s a match made in heaven!  Introducing grilled jalapeño trout! Go catch yourself some Lake Trout (or any trout), get some hot peppers (peppers grew excellent this summer!), plus a few other ingredients you may already have, and begin…   To serve 8, you’ll […]

White Wine Wild Turkey Breast
August 17, 2015

Most likely, you still have some wild game in your freezer.  I’m just about running out of venison, but fortunately had a successful turkey season.  There’s multiple turkey breasts in my freezer just waiting to be cooked and enjoyed.  The problem is, wild turkey (especially an older bird), can be extremely tough and gamey.  I’ve […]

Stan Sowa’s Venison Chili
July 14, 2015

  Is there anything better than coming in from a cold November hunt, to a steaming bowel of venison chili?  I think not!  Hot chili and deer hunting go together like salt on an egg.  This recipe is simple and delicious.  Give it a try, and you’ll be sure to satisfy everyone after a long […]

Gotty’s Deerhead
June 12, 2015

Marty Kubeli, Keuka Lake native and softball coach at Penn Yan school, loves to hunt and take others hunting.  This past fall, his brother shot a beautiful buck in the Guyanoga Valley area on opening day.  Early in the morning, his brother had arrived at the treestand, only to find it covered in ice.  Not […]

You Gotta Love October
May 18, 2015

It was October 24th, and bowhunter Tom O’Brien was heading for his favorite property, ready for an evening hunt.  Tom received permission to hunt the property in 2012.  Throughout that first season, he saw six shooter bucks!  And scored on a beautiful nine point with a bow. The following year, the property received much more […]

Diehard Bird Hunters
April 9, 2015

As a taxidermist, I’ve had the privilege to meet some outstanding outdoorsmen.  One of the best, and most diehard bird hunters is 16 year old Cody McIntyre.  Cody often hunts with his father, George, and good friend Mason. To say the least, this trio is deadly.  They’ve consistently killed ducks and geese of all types […]

An Arrowhead’s Luck
March 18, 2015

Meet Neil Kurz.  Dundee mailman and passionate bowhunter.  Interestingly, Neil has learned to use his mail runs as a gauge for the quality of an upcoming bowhunt.  The more deer he sees from his car, the more deer he will most likely see from the treestand. The morning of November 8th was a classic rut […]

Take the Second Shot
February 14, 2015

Hi everyone, it’s me, Jesse.  As a serious hunter, I understand the hard work and emotion involved in becoming a successful hunter.  I love writing these monthly stories.  Thank you so much for allowing me to post your stories.  There are many more to come!  This month’s story is one of my own, from 2013. […]